Feature Request: Find in Workspace or Project

  • This is a feature I’d really wish to have.

    I know it has been discussed, like in post:
    I also know it can be achieved in some other ways, like using plug-in, or config search filters properly on files.

    But I’d still hope it should be a native feature of Npp.
    Especially now in v6.9, the “Folder as Workspace” feature has added. So people will use the file panel to the left more often. Wouldn’t it be more logical to give an option to search from all listed files in the panel? i.e. to search within project files or workspace files?

    Maybe I can describe a bit more of my case, to make myself understandable:
    We have a large project (folder) organized as:

    • project root
      • application folder
        – app1
        – app2
        – …
        – appN
      • component folder
        – comp1
        – comp2
        – …
        – compN

    Each of the programmer maintains a number of application folders and component folders. So most of the time I only need to search selected folders, say e.g. app1, comp3, comp4. If I search the project root folder, the search time would go too slow and there would be unwanted results from other folders.

    Therefore for my use case, I think it would be really helpful if I can search in files within the specified folders only. I can add all these files to a workspace/project, but then it would require a “Find in Project/Workspace” feature.

    Could you consider this request again? Thanks!

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