Bug: The mess in file after edit in the Columns mode.

  • After edit a column in the Columns mode, N++ lasts some errors in other part of file.
    Issue found on very large files (more than 100K lines by 80 chars, CRLF ended).
    You just have to highlight the column through whole file (in my case - with one char, column 37, contains “2” in every line). Then I push “1”, to replace content in 37’s column by “1”.
    The process goes very slowly, and when finished - you got surprise. Some lines becomes shorter, some - longer, but in some lines [LF] moved to the beginning of the line (and you can’t either delete or move it from that strange position).
    This issue was not exists in releases before 6.3.1.
    But after upgrade to 6.8.8 the bug appears. Release 6.9 are buggy too.
    I can send the files (examples), which produce the bug (about 120 kb in 7z)

  • I would guess this is due to having periodic backups enabled. Try disabling that option.

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