Bug: Regular Expressions [^\v]* not working as expected

  • When I use search with regular expressions, I would expect [^\v]* to match a whole line until the linebreak - but it matches the whole document. However \v works fine, as does \V - am I expecting wrong or is this a bug?

  • Hello @Sebastian-Proske,

    seems that \v is used for vertivcal tab.


  • Hello Sebastian,

    First of all, sorry for my late reply :-(

    There a particularity of the BOOST Regex ligrary, about the regex syntax \v :

    • The regex \v represents any vertical blank character, that is to say one character which belongs to the range [\n\x0B\f\r]

    • The regex [\v] represents, ONLY, the vertical tabulation character, of Unicode code \x0B

    So, when you write [^\v], it matches any single character, which is different from the \x0b ( VT character )

    Thus, your regex [^\v]* represents any set, even empty, of characters, different from the Vertical Tabulation character, included any End Of Line character ( \r, \n or \r\n)

    In other words, if your current file does NOT contain any \x0b character, your regex [^\v]* matches, absolutely, all the characters of the file. Quite logical !

    Best Regards,


    P.S. :

    The regex \V ( Uppercase v ) is equivalent to the range [^\n\x0B\f\r], that is to say any single character, different from a Vertical Tabulation, from a Form Feed character and from an EOL character.

    Again, if your file does NOT contain any \x0b and/or \x0c character(s), the regex \V+ matches successively, each whole line, without its line break !

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