Entering accented characters easily with only keyboard

  • Hello, I am new to notepad++ and like it very much, since I can customize how my text documents look more easily than with wordpad. However, I would like to know if it’s possible to enter accented characters like in wordpad (I thought it was a windows thing, but perhaps it isn’t). In wordpad, I can type, for instance, ctrl-’ then i to get an accented í character. Similarly, I can type ctrl-shift-~ then n to get the accented ñ character. It makes it much easier to enter accented characters than copying and pasting from the character map application, or trying to remember code points. Thanks for any information.

  • Hello @Eric-Sokolowsky,

    I thought it was a windows thing, but perhaps it isn’t

    well, it is, but not word natively only together with the used language you will get such results.

    In npp you could record a macro for each letter, save it and assign the shortcuts you want.


  • I found the answer to my question. I had to install the US International keyboard and convert my document to UTF-8, then I can use certain keypresses for the accented characters, notably ALTGR-o for the accented ó, etc.

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