? np++ is stuck on 14pt .

  • Hello & Thanks ,
    I’m having probs with Font Size :
    I am trying to get fontSize = 5pt .
    But np++ is stuck on 14pt .
    I have tried shutting it down , etc. .
    Pls , how can I un-stick it ?

  • Hello vmars vernon,

    Could you tell use which N++ version do you use ? Just paste the infos, given from ? - Debug info, on the right part of the N++ Menu bar

    From memory, the font size 5, 6 and 7 were added , in the Style Configurator, from the version 6.1.6 !

    As for me, with the latest 6.9.0 version, it’s quite OK :-)

    Best Regards,


  • Hi guy038 ,
    I am running version 6.8.3 .
    I don’t know what you mean here:
    ‘Defug info, on the right part of the N++ Menu bar’


  • Hi, vmars vernon,

    Just click on the picture link, below, to understand what I meant :-)




  • In Settings->Style Configurator, In the Font Style section, do you have Enable global font size checked?

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