new version and still stagnation

  • I have been waiting for months for these important features. Why developers consider it as marginal ?
    I’m very dissapointed and flustrated. This project is doing down & down.

  • Why developers consider it as marginal ?

    Nobody said it was “marginal”. You need to understand that open source software is done by people donating their time to the project. Just because you like an idea or someone else agrees with you doesn’t mean someone will decide to spend their free time implementing it.

    You are welcome to download the source code and implement these ideas. There are even plugins that have been suggested to you that solves a couple of these.

    If the development of Notepad++ is not to your liking, there are other editors (as you have pointed out) that you may find are more suitable.

  • Unfortunatelly I’m too stupid for those hardcore ones as Atom or Sublimetext or Lightable is. I need simple and effective GUI. Not overwhelming all day long settings sessions. Similar like if you would install Arch linux…
    And I’m still very beginning programmer. I found out NP++ as best tool for me to work with !

  • John- Glad to hear you like Notepad++. I do too, for Windows. I agree with your requests as well. Since you are a beginning programmer, perhaps you may find it in your ability to gather the source codes as Dail has inferred and try creating the bug fixes on your own. This would be quite a feat and much appreciated. I’m sure you would be able to push your changes via a pull request when you are successful. Until then, please be patient and happy with what you do have.

    Also, you will want to experience more editors as well so that you can rightly compare the features of each. I like notepad++ because it is light and quick. I don’t like atom because it takes forever to load and is pretty clunky. Sublime text seemed good until I realized they were asking for money… I am so used to gedit on linux, never paid for software…

    I suggest you also become very familiar with vi so that you can preform remote edits over the terminal via ssh.

    If you can go to linux and get off windows, try xemacs and gedit and there are thousands more. On windows, NotePad++ has become my goto text editor and if it is not available, I go to notepad. I hope you do begin to appreciate the effort and merits of this and other projects.

    I think Dail has a valid point that this is free software: please be patient… If you have the money but not the time or motivation: try upstart and pay to have the requests completed? :)

    Much luck in your development efforts: I too get very frustrated about little bugs and it always seems to be just that one little typo causing all the trouble…

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