Per-Desktop Instance

  • I like to keep all my open documents on a desktop in a single window. The single instance option works great for this when I only have one desktop open. However, when I have more than one desktop I would like any newly opened documents to show up in the current desktop.
    Multi-instance mode allows me to do this, but then I have to manually move each new window into the already-existing one for the current desktop. It would be great if Notepad++ could do this for me automatically.

  • Hello @VICTOR-GRAY,

    which operating system do you use. Afair windows >=8 supports this.


  • What Victor is saying is that, while you can have a Notepad++ window open on each desktop using Multi-Instance mode, whenever you open something outside of notepad (for example, by right clicking > Edit with Notepad++), it always opens an entirely new Notepad++ instance for just that document even if there is already an instance of Notepad++ open on that desktop. Ideally it should be able to tell whether an instance is open in the active desktop and, if so, open the document there.

  • Why not just drag the file over to Notepad++ and drop it? That also works.

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