Feature Request : Tab Groups and Guidence

  • This feature should work as follows.
    Say I have 4 tabs open right now
    name of 5 files is as follows

    I want A.xml , A.cpp and A.h in one group and rest should be in other
    so if i have current doc A.xml then Pressing Ctrl + Tab should round to only these group files.
    It won’t go to B.cpp and B.h ever.
    Same way if i am at B.cpp then Shortcut should never go to any A.* files.
    So group 1 = A.cpp, A.xml, A.h
    Group 2 = B.cpp B.h

    When you are in one group pressing Ctrl + Tab will round to only files which are in that group
    To change the groups we can assign another shortcut key.

    So in total you have two types of tab changes.
    Tab changes within the group and Tab Group Change
    I want to implement this feature in my local repository, can anyone guide me how do i do it.
    I have good knowledge of C++ and This is my first open souce project
    Any help is welcome

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