Position of search window, if I have multiple monitors

  • Hi to all!
    I’m writing for make a request about a little issue when I work with multiple monitor. If I make a global search, the search result window (in my case) is external of editor, on the second screen. When I put my notebook on another place, without the second screen, the window remain in the second screen and there is nothing to do for move it in primary screen. How can I solve this problem?

  • Hello,

    I don’t know if there is easier solution but you can try this:

    1. Go to your Notepad++ config folder (it might be the folder where you installed N++ (WinXP casefor example) or in your user local settings directory (later Windows OS versions - 7, 8, …)). Open config.xml file for editing.
    2. Find “DockingManager” section in the config file.
    3. Delete all entries with “Notepad++::InternalFunction” as pluginName.
    4. Save the file, close editor and restart N++


  • You can instead try deleting only all “Floating…” sub-sections from “DockingManager” section in the config file and leave the “Notepad++::InternalFunction” entries. That should also work.

    Anyway, it is not going to “damage” your N++ configuration in any way - it will simply reset all Docking windows positions to their default values.


  • Hi Pavel,
    I’m going to test…
    Thanks a lot!

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