How to use an altogether different drive/ folder for all npp settings?

  • I am confused between npp using program_files and APPDATA for settings etc.

    on w8, I am utterly confused between using program_files installation folder of npp or using APPDATA.

    current method of two tick mark installation options, or moving or removing a file to installation folder to use plugin from APPDATA or program files, it is all very confusing.

    Actually I don’t want to use either, for the sole reason that on reinstall of window or format of hard disk everything disappeared.

    I have a separate folder at e:\mydata\npp\settings in which I am keeping all the backup of npp.

    I want to use only this folder for npp.
    I also want to use the same folder in multiboot, in w7, w10.

    Maybe you can study firefox or thunderbird method of shifting the profile to an altogether different location/ partition/ folder, and that works all across pc in all multiboot.

    How can I do it in npp?


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