new method of "select till the end of line" is nice.

  • I was fed up with previous method in npp, when pressing Shift End was selecting till the next cr-lf, meaning it was not just selecting till the end of current visible line but was selecting till the next cr-lf which selected many lines for a line that runs in multiline.

    I recently installed new version and found that now, pressing Shift End was selecting only till the current visible line, and was leaving out remaining part of a multi-line line.

    This is a nice change, very useful, very convenient.

    thanks for it.

    however, some fine tuning is still remaining. Now after we press Shift end and have selected till the end of visible line, after than there is no method to select entire paragraph (till next cr-lf) that was previously occurring as default. We have manually press Shift - Downarrow enough time to reach the cr-lf

    Give some method for that.


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