62 backup files present in backupdir

  • exploring through harddisk, I found that I have 62 files present in my npp backupdir.

    It is good mechanism that npp is so particular about saving our files,
    but there has to be some mechanism to clear it automatically.

    Say, when new backup of a same file is saved, previous backup should be deleted automatically,
    or if a file is closed or deleted or permanently saved in npp, its all backups should be deleted.

    Even, at the time of closing npp, the backups should be moved to proper place and nothing should remain in this temporary backup folder, more like ms word’s recover file mechanism.

    so, for the time being, please tell me how do I clean up these backup files?
    should I close npp, and delete all these files?
    wouldn’t that disturb anything when I rerun npp and some of those files are opened again.



  • you can change that in the backup setting “simple” to do what you want to do

  • ok. thanks.

    I indeed had verbose, that I have changed to simple now.

    let’s see how it affects. though the previous files are still there, which I guess I have to remove manually.


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