Please give option for "close session"

  • I frequently use 5 files in npp, so I have kept them open in it.

    I close npp with these files opened, and when I re open npp, those files are already open. Good for me.

    However, often I have to open for other activities in which those 5 files are not required. but they are still open, and I have to close them one by one, and then they don’t automatically open on next close-open of npp.

    I have even saved those as “session.”

    Now I feel the need of an option that would close all currently open files, so that my npp is clean and I can do other work. I can always re-open those files with “open session.”

    so, please provide a “close session” option.

    also, give preferences option to set disk folder for saving “sessions” text files, just in case user wants to save the files to some particular folder for easy access.

    And showing “Recent sessions” option would also be useful to quickly access them.



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