Feature request: background colour per file extension

  • Hi!

    How can I set a background colour , for a file with given file extension?
    More exactly, I would like to have a yellow background (as sticky note) if let’s say I have .tx2 extension.

    a) I tried Language -> Define your language. I added a new language , added a file extension, and changed the Default Style background colour in my language, but this only changes the background only under the typed letters, not the complete background.

    b) In Settings -> Style Configurator, it seems it’s possible to set the Global background , but then it change the background colour everywhere, not only to the file extension I want.

    Thanks a lot!

  • But I think it would be enough if just a “complete” background colour option would be in the “Language -> Define your language” to have complete background colour in that custom style.

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