Highlight the string that "changed" during a Compare between two files

  • Hello,

    I used to be able to see the difference(s) on a line of a compare between two files, Notepad++ would highlight the character differences. Has this been disabled, and if so, can it be added back in or a setting changed? This was VERY useful…and is one of the main reasons that we use Notepad++ at our office.


  • Hello Chad,

    Please see this thread.
    You can try Compare Plugin v1.5.6.6 (by UFO), v1.5.6.7 (UFO) or v1.5.6.8 (WIP by Pavel Nedev; download the latest 7z file).
    Pavel’s repository is here.

    Best regards.

  • I was able to download and use the Compare Plugin v1.5.6.6 (by UFO)…the functionality that I need is back now. Thank you Yaron.


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