Feature Request: Saved vs Unsaved Tab Colors

  • Love the app… that said, major beef is not being able to tell at a glance which doc’s need saving. It is not uncommon for me to have 10+ doc’s open. Tabs accumulate. All inactive tabs have a “red floppy” in the tab bar, as do unsaved docs. It is therefore impossible to distinguish between doc’s that have not been “saved” vs those that are just inactive. Been looking at the settings, but no avail… Only thing I can do is to activate the tab… if the floppy turns blue, then it’s saved–but if it stays red, then it is not saved. Very cumbersome.

    Maybe I’m missing something very basic here, but the present behavior is not intuitive by any means. One should be able to readily tell unsaved vs saved doc’s when one looks at the tabs of the open docs. Red for inactive and red for unsaved just does not work–there are lots of other colors in the spectrum from which to pick.

    Plz fix or point me to the setting that will do this.



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