Bad performance issue when 10M size of txt in one line

  • Today, I encounter a bad performance issue when I use notepad++ to open a .json file.
    The .json file only contains ascII charactors, but all the charactors are in one line.
    The size of .json file is up to 10MB.

    Then notepad++ runs very slowly.
    as a result, it is almost unable to use notepad++ to view/edit the data.


  • This is a known issue with Scintilla (the thing that actually handles the text). Even in the most recent versions of Scintilla it still has bad performance when lots of text is on a single line. Here is the most recent discussion about it (from about 2 weeks ago) on Scintilla’s mailing list.

    • OP: Will putting more RAM in your machine help you?
    • How much RAM do you have now?
    • Which OS do you use?
    • When you run the OS how much RAM do you have available?

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