Is there an option to allow closing all tabs?

  • The program force me to open at least one tab, but sometimes I just want to close all files and then open another, after that I got an extra empty tab. I think this is a bit unreasonable, because the amount of tabs opened should correspond to the amount of files opened, if no files opened, there should be no tabs. So can I configured the program to allow this feature?

  • @Huang-Joe I don’t think this is possible, not even with a plugin.

    To try to explain… I guess you can say that there is 2 ways to look at Notepad++

    1. A text editing environment that provides a shell and tons of features, and allows opening of text files within - which is somewhat the way you are looking at it and therefore you expect to allow for no editor windows to be open since it is only a component of a larger app.
    2. A simple text editor wrapped with tons of features, but it’s core is that text editor. If so, it makes sense that you always need an editor window open, since this is the entity of the app.


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