Feature Request: Less Intrusive Auto-Complete Option

  • I would like an option to change the behavior of auto-complete such that I have to select a suggestion more explicitly instead of tab/enter. Consider the scenario where you type lines that end with a number. If auto complete sees a “12” in the document, and you want to type a line ending with “1”, if you’re not paying attention to the auto-complete, it will suggest “12” and by hitting enter, you are accepting the suggestion instead of inserting the newline as expected.

    When this requested option is enabled, the user would instead have to use the arrow keys to select the suggestions (think of if you wanted to pick the 2nd suggestion as the feature currently works). Another way to think of it, would be that the list of auto-complete suggestions would ignore keystrokes until an up/down arrow key is pressed, instead of treating tab/enter/space as an implicit acceptance of the suggestion.

    I’m not asking to change the default behavior, just for an option to make this less intrusive, as I’m finding many errors in my scripts as a result of Auto-Complete.