Feature Request: expand save session to optionally include multiple windows + windows open in Explorer

  • When I am working on a project, I may have multiple instances of Notepad++, folders and Web pages open on my desktop, such as

    • Notepad++ - 2 or 3 instances open with different documents in each
    • Windows Explorer - multiple windows to different folders which helps me visualize my work
    • Chrome - 2 or more instances with multiple pages in each

    In any case, when I close one project and open another, it is somewhat a pain to save my place for everything

    • save my Notepad++ session for each instance
    • copy all my open folder paths into my notes or create desktop shortcuts
    • bookmark all open pages for each instance of Chrome
    • MS Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.)

    and then have to manually open them each time I re-open a project.

    What would be very helpful would be in addition to saving a session of files, Notepad++ had the option to save a PROJECT, including

    • all sessions for all open Notepad++ instances
    • all folders open in Windows Explorer
    • all pages for all open Chrome instances (Chrome itself doesn’t have this feature, the only way to get it to remember multiple instances of open pages is to kill all Chrome processes, then when restarting, tell it to Recover… a hack at best)
    • documents open in other programs like Word, Excel & Acrobat Reader (can be done manually by open recent)

    I realize that saving & reopening folders, Web pages and documents in other apps, is outside the scope of Notepad++, but I think it would be a great point of control for projects.

    (If there are any existing apps that “remember” where you were across the board and can restore instances of multiple documents open in multiple instances of multiple apps, and folders open on the desktop as well, I’d be very interested.)

    In the very least, I would welcome Notepad++ being able to save documents for multiple sessions open in multiple instances to a “project” so you could re-open everything in one step, and when you close down, to update each session file with the currently open documents (so you don’t have to manually re-save the session if you change which files were open).


  • This post is deleted!

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