[BUG] file can not be saved with "folder as workspace" open

  • This issue do not always happen.


    1. fold with many files in “folder as workspace”.
    2. 20+ files opening currently.
    3. using notepadd++ edit “.html” file.
      copy text then paste it to a new file.

    the new file can’t be saved.
    if close notepad++, then open it again, there is nothing in the new file.

    please help!

  • Issue can be reproduced using steps bellow:

    with “Folder as Workspace” open.


    1. File -> New
    2. Type some text in the new file.
    3. Press “Ctrl + S” to save file, name file as “aaa.html”
    4. After step 3, texts typed into “aaa.html” can’t be saved even press “ctrl + s”.
    5. I need to close notepadd++ , then reopen it again to make it work normally.


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