Notepad++ 6.9.2 Tail Log

  • Definitely a feature I’ve been wanting for ages and for the short time I’ve been using it the functionality is nice to have. The only downside is the window has to be active to see the log updating.

    As a tester there are several logs I watch as functionality is being tested. To click off of the active screen that is being used to see changes to the log file is not feasible. A live scroll of the log that is being tailed would be most helpful.

    Is there a setting I’m missing or a plugin available that helps with this?

    I’ve already set the “Update silently” and “Scroll to the last line after update” settings in Preferences > MISC.

  • To add to this, the only time the view updates is if one were to click off NPP and than back on. It would be better if NPP were to check the file by itself based on some kind of timer and refresh the view upon change detection.

  • I’m having even worse luck. Its not refreshing a log file at all ??? I run cygwin tail -f on the log file to make sure its updated, but npp does NOT update ???

    Where are the “Update silently” options mentioned in the update earlier by Doug Elbon ?

    When I check Settings->Preferences->MISC. I don’t see any options like "Update silently’ ???

    Thanks … Leslie

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