• Hello every body this is Setian_park who working in S.Korea

    I really do want to use Go To definition.

    I’m a C Programmer and using Windows7 64bit.

    Please tell me how to use go to definition in win7 64bit.

    I tried every way as possible as I can.

    sourcecookie, gtags, and a lot of plugin is not working.
    I installed 4 times ctags and set PATH.

    FYI, SourceCookie seems to work, but not work in multiple files. when I try other files symbol, the cursor placed wrong place…

    Please save me…

    Thank you!

  • You will need to install the NppExec plugin.

  • Thanks to your reply . I installed NppExec, but while installing this warning message appeard. What should I do?, NppExec window is still blank. and go to definition is also work abnormally.
    Come to think of it. when I was installing plugins related with ctags. 'It has not been possible to validate the integrity of (ctags.dll, NppExec.dll ) warning had appear.

  • Hello guys and geeks. I solved this problem…well. Actually I find another way.
    Install ctags and make a tag via ‘ctags --excmd=p -R’.
    Now it is working in tagLeef and tagsJump plugin.


  • Hello,

    You can use NppGTags plugin.
    You can find it through Plugin Manager or for the latest version here:


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