Number Color

  • Hello guys! I downloaded Notepad++ two days ago and numbers were colored with a color. Today I don’t know why, but the numbers are not colored anymore. I might changed sth in the settings without realizing it. Please help me find where is the setting that I can enable to make the numbers colored. Thanks!

  • NPP supports a feature called “syntax coloring” which applies different styles to elements of the text, numbers being one of them. However, the styles to be applied are different for different needs. The style (or “language”) to be applied to the current file is determined by its extension, e.g. .js are treated as “Javascript” .html as “HTML” an so on.

    So if you had numbers colored you probably had opened a file which NPP recognized as some sort of colorable text or you had selected some entry from the “Language” menu.

    However, by default, if you start a new text or open an unrecognized file the style that gets applied is “Normal Text” which does no highlighting at all.

    So if you want numbers to be highlighted, associate your files with a language setting and select a default language for new files.

    You also may define your own language to be applied to specific files. I for example use a custom definition for .log-files which highlights keywords that may indicate unusual events such as “Error”, “Failure” or “Exception”.