Very Important Feature Requests

  • 1, Ability to remove Auto-Inserted part of dual characters (parentheses, brackets, braces, other used defined), when you delete first part of it (manually written). So Auto-Delete of Auto-Inserted part, by deleting it’s first half.
    For example you are going to write: print(someting),
    but you make mistake and you write: print[
    NP++'s Auto-Complete’s Auto-Insert will make it like this: print[], with cursor between brackets. Now it would be easy to press Backspace and delete it all, if feature would be there.

    2, Deletion of transformed Tabbed whitespaces (Tabs replaced by spaces) by only one keyboard hit of Backspace/Delete. By ‘transfered’ I mean Tab Settings in Preferences - for example four spaces for python. If one Tab press, will do four normal spaces, would be useful to let user delete it by one press of Backspace, not four times (Backspace/Delete).

    3, Resetting key bindings/keyboard shortcuts to default from GUI. Not by some manual magic manipulation within files.

    4, Exclude numbers from Auto-Completion. Exclude user specific strings from Auto-Completion per file or default for anything opened.

    5, Enlarge Find and replace window (ctrl + h) for more comfortable multi lines operating. This window has in right down corner an enlarge mark, but it does not work (windows 7 ultimate 32 bit).
    And maybe bug: When occurs Tab whitespace from very beginning of the line pasted into text fields, it is longer than same Tab whispace in middle of that text field. Try select two lines in code, where both start Tabbed and paste it into window’s text fields. Second Tab will be shorter.

    6, I can’t describe this feature in general, so here is an example:
    Dock Function List window to the left part of screen, below Folder as Workspace window. When I double click on window’s header, it attaches to right part of screen and overlap Document Map window. When I move and resise window manually, it’s not directly embedded to NP++ enviroment. Like this:
    It is floating, so it’s overlapping Folder window. Is possible to do it by hardcode editing some inner setting files ?

    7, Ability to select more than one file in Folder as Workspace feature (file explorer).
    Example: It does not support Shift or Ctrl selecting more than one files to open. When I need open 5 files from one folder, where is other 20 files lets say, I would pick them with Ctrl and press Enter.

    8, Ability to set preferred side window opened on each opening.
    Example: NP++ behavior is keeping last constellation of modified things. Some settings, some window placements, keeping on top last used windows. For example when I quit NP++ with last thing opened as Snippet plugin:, it will show it again on next app start. But I need show document map by default on each start like this: But this particulary one plugin is forcing NP++ to be primary always on top. We need feature setting in NP++ which would overwrite plugin’s setting and let NP++ pick his choice.

    9, Verify NppExec’s plugin, because last time when I was installing it, I saw it’s not verified:

  • Hello John,

    Concerning point #1 of your last post, you would like something like a double hit on, first, on the Del key, then on the Backspace key, in order to remove the block of the auto-insert delimiters ? Then, why not the simple macro, below :

    • Place your cursor inside any text

    • Select the menu option Start Recording or click on the red circle icon

    • Hit the Del key

    • Hit the Backpace key

    • Select the menu option Stop Recording or click on the Black square icon

    • Select the menu option Save Current Recorded Macro…

    • Enter the name of the macro ( I, personally, chose Del + Backspace )

    • Click, both, on the CTRL and ALT box options and choose the key Backspace

    • Valid your modifications, with the OK button

    From now on, from your example, once you have written the text print[, changed into print[], by Notepad++, with cursor inside the square brackets, just hit the CTRL + ALT + BackSpace shortcut to delete the block []

    Globally, this macro delete, at the same time, the two characters, just after and just before the cursor :-)

    You may, also, add, with an other editor than N++, the lines below to the Macro node of your shortcuts.xml configuration file :

        <Macro name="Del + Backspace" Ctrl="yes" Alt="yes" Shift="no" Key="8">
            <Action type="0" message="2180" wParam="0" lParam="0" sParam="" />
            <Action type="0" message="2326" wParam="0" lParam="0" sParam="" />

    Concerning a possible bug, described in point #5, I test with the five lines text, below, on my Win XP system, with a local installation of N++ v6.9.1, but I could NOT reproduce the problem !

              Line 1, beginning with **10 spaces**
    			Line 2, beginning with **3 tabulations
    Line 3, WITHOUT any leading space or tabulation
    		        Line 4, beginning with **2 tabulations, followed by **8 spaces**
    				Line 5 beginning with **10 spaces**, followed by **4 tabulations**
    • Insert the five lines, above, inside any text

    • Select these five lines

    • Open the Find dialog ( CTRL + F )

    • Select the Normal search mode

    • Put the focus, again, on your text

    • Move back to the very beginning of your current file

    • Click on the Find Next button, of the Find dialog

    => Any occurrence of this block of five lines is, correctly, matched

    Best Regards,


  • Hello
    Thanks for reply for auto-insert concern. I appreciate your effort, but
    using new keybind for thing, which all other programming editors have by default is overkill and bothering. I can’t do that.
    I really can’t look inside of developer’s head, why the heck is that thing still not implemented for NP++.

    And autocomplete for numbers is tremendous nightmare. I must accept it, if I don’t want turn off whole autocompletion.

    Other people are aliens, that don’t care about those issues ?

    I don’t want live on this planet anymore. I’m suggesting it for months, but developer isn’t listening. Wtf, it’s so much irritating.
    If editor was not so hardcore and had some clickable GUI, I would immediatelly switch to that. I even wrote email to Don Ho, offering money for those changes, he didn’t even reply. Manners…

  • Why this can’t be open source project ?
    This will soon end up like Sublimetext = DEAD

    why we have to wait for Don Ho’s approvement for every change ? It’s not fair damn it

    wake up !!!

  • The source is available, and you are free to edit it as you desire.

  • There is no borders around Earth, so feel free to travel to Jupiter or to Proxima Centauri and build a house there.

  • @John-Spark

    Please keep it civilized, there is no need for a response like this. You have continuously shown disrespect to the people who donate their time to Notepad++ and to the users on this forum. It will no longer be tolerated.

  • I agree with dail 100%

  • Anyway, I’d like to highlight that John’s proposals - or at least some of them - make sense. Actually, another topic inspired by these proposals was created some time ago (the existence of the two topics was caused by desynchronization):

    I agree that some expressions in this particular thread look excessive, but in the same time I doubt there is a single person who finds, for example, the point 5 above (about the Find dialog that either needs to be resizable or be exempt from the “resize mark” at its right-bottom corner) to be wrong or incorrect. Thus, why no one at least replied “+1”?
    Let me add that while I was looking through John’s proposals, I realized that he also spent his time to think about these proposals and finally to write them - so at least this fact is worth to be considered.

  • @Vitaliy-Dovgan

    Nobody has ever said they were bad ideas. Also he has posted these several times (some of which I’ve replied to) so alot of the initial feedback is in those original posts.

  • dail pls stop lie:
    “alot of the initial feedback is in those original posts”

    considering your words, i can only remember a ‘text air’ posts. means nothing will be solved, changed, moved forward.

    some posters (not many, there were always just few posters) admitted it’s needed to happen, but what we need - is to lure interest of Don Ho to code those changes.

    and in conclusion to better understand me:
    i’m not bossy crying kid as you see me.
    i just care a lot about this notepad. because i know it’s really good program and it deserves to fix things and get better. if not, it will die.
    and i can’t let it die. i really can’t because i need it for my work, but again - i’m not experienced programmer. and in next few years still won’t be.
    so only thing i can do, is write about it, put people together for good goal.

    but you all are acting against me, rather than supporing me. those suggestions are good for you all, so why are you making from me your enemy ?

  • Has anybody other contact on Don Ho ? Other from official email on NP++ webpage. He seems ignore that email.

    I like very much my suggestions and I’m really sure it’s very good points to improve.
    But that wasting time of nothing happening from one month to another month, is true devastating for me.

    Please help me propagate more these changes.
    If you have friends who code and use this notepad, tell them about this community forum and link them my topic. I believe, they will appreciate it.

    Thank you anybody

  • I have Notepad 6.5.5. Would it be possible to have numbered bookmarks like other editors use the number keys for bookmarks? CONTROL-SHIFT-1 would set the bookmark, CONTROL-1 would go to the bookmark. This is really handy because in PSPad (and other editors which use numbered bookmarks) I always use ^1 for the top of my main program (which is below a bunch of comments) and ^2 for the top of my main variable declarations.

    Or am I missing something in a newer version of NPP?

    Thanks! I love the editor.

    (Ah. So this does use markdown.)

  • There is a plugin called “Named Bookmarks” - you can find it in the Plugin Manager. I haven’t used it myself but you can try and see if it is of any help to you.

  • @John-Spark i can develop plugins you can install that will solve some of your issues. Please contact me on if you are still interested in using n++

  • For everybody to let you know. After debate with Kasper, I came in conclusion, that plugins will only get things complicated. Because it’s nonsense to have different plugin for every partial job we need to NP++ do.
    Only reasonable way, is to implement it directly to NP++ enviroment. Use features straight from program by default. But we can’t do it without Don Ho.
    So we are screwed …

  • No John, some features can easily be implemented in plugins. And no you are not screwed, its open source, its free.

  • Nothing has been changing since months ago, I proposed some of those changes. Slowly but surely, I’m losing interest in this crap.

  • John, your suggestions for features are interesting and they may be useful for a few people. But please remember that Notepad++ is written by enthusiasts who give their time and effort for free. Using the word “crap” to describe their efforts is very disrespectful of them and of the huge amount of work they do. I use Notepad++ almost every day and I have not found the need for the features you suggest. I have not seen anyone else writing that they MUST have the features you suggest.

    Notepad++ is open source, you could enhance the program yourself to add the features you want and, optionally, publish those updates so that they could be included in a future release. Kasper has offered to help with a plugin to provide the features you want. Once written plugins are easy to install, there should not be any complications with a well written plugin.

  • One million BUMP

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