Several proposals for Notepad++

  • Hi Notepad++ team!
    Let me share several proposal (not my own, though) for Notepad++, I hope at least some of them will be considered.

    1. Ability to remove Auto-Inserted part of pair characters such as (), [], “” and other used defined, when you delete first part of it (manually typed). So it would be the “Auto-Deletion of Auto-Inserted part”, by deleting it’s first half.
      For example:
      a) you are going to type:
      b) but you make mistake and you write:
      c) NP++'s Auto-Complete will make it like this:
      with the cursor between brackets.
      d) now it would be good to press Backspace and delete it all - in the same way as Ctrl+Z does - to have:

    2. Deletion of transformed Tabbed whitespaces (Tabs replaced by spaces) by only one keyboard hit of Backspace/Delete. By ‘transformed’ I mean Tab Settings in Preferences - for example 4 spaces for Python. If one Tab press is transformed to 4 normal spaces, would be useful to let user delete it by one press, not 4 times (Backspace/Delete).

    3. Resetting key bindings/keyboard shortcuts to default ones from GUI. I.e. directly from the Shortcut Mapper window, not by some manual magic manipulation within files.

    4. Ability to exclude numbers and user specific strings from Auto-Completion, basing on settings per file or on default settings for anything opened.

    5. Either make the Find And Replace window to be resizable or remove the “resize” mark at the right-bottom corner of the window (that does not work anyway). Resizing of the window would be good for more comfortable long or multi lines operating.

    6. Enhance the Docking feature to allow docking one window below the other one - like on the left side of this screenshot:

    7. Ability to select more than one file in Folder as Workspace feature (file explorer).
      Example: It does not support Shift or Ctrl to select more than one files to open. When I need to open 5 files from a folder that contains, for example, 20 files in total, I would like to pick them with Ctrl and press Enter.

    8. Ability to “persist” the position of some docked windows. The idea is to keep (persist) the same position of these docked windows on each Notepad++ start-up, disregarding of how these windows were moved or resized previously.

  • I think this topic can be merged with this one because they refer to the same things:

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