Session File Handling Needs Improvement

  • Sessions are a nice way of keeping everything together, but one thing makes them cumbersome and undermines their usefulness.
    Its this: When you want to save your session, the dialog box takes you to folder of the last .txt file you saved or loaded. I have to navigate all over my computer to find the session. I also have to hope I remember the name of it to locate it, and not overwrite some other Session of a different topic

    how about these features.

    1. Somewhere on the screen Notepad++ shows you the current Session Name.
    2. Session File locations are tracked by the application and default to the last saved location when you want to save it.
    3. ‘Load Session’ lets offers the option to select one of many recent Sessions you have saved, and remembers those locations.

    My sessions are full of misc. subject matter that is difficult to locate after awhile. I have 4 hard drives with hundreds of folders of different subject matter. There’s a long way to navigate to get to this.

    If Session handling were made more powerful, this program could become a very competent journal application an more. I’m trying very hard to completely eliminate paper notebooks with all my thoughts and actions in them. I’d like Notepadd++ to be able to provide that capability. I would gladly pay a small amount for it too.

    This all seems like trivial stuff to implement. Am I the only one who has noticed these deficiencies in Session handling?