[FR] File tabs names, icons, extensions, ect

  • Feature Request: tabs names, icons, extensions

    1. Hide txt extensions word from tab:
    • filename.txt(tab) to filename(tab)
    1. Hide file extensions text from tab by list- [.dll,.exe] or [*.dll *.exe]
      file.dll | program.exe | to |file |program |
      2.1 Add deafult icons for bat/cmd/dll/exe files (blue/red effect live save)

    2. Short names for new file options (standart: new 1 new 2 new 3), new types:

    • new1
    • n1
    1. Pin tab + not to close pinned option
      4.1 Change size of all pinned tab with % (default is square size like in chrome)
      4.2. Full backup of pined tabs

    2. Full Backup limit by megabyte (fe < 5mb)

    3. Show in “Shourcut mapper”, when you edit field, is it shourtcuts are free(green) or busy(red)

    4. Custom drop menu(after “plugins” drop menu, before “windows”) with any selected function, macros and plugin (like macros menu)
      7.1 TextF tools dont working with macros( ctrl+a then sort). So 1click sort from custom menu

    5. Show/hide - “one-line button” (in view menu) for Instruments panel