Add Tail Feature

  • If it does not already have it, it would be ideal to add a tail feature, say as a button on the button bar, that as I am viewing/editing a file, if I were to press that button, it would tail the file, like in Linux. It would always be at the bottom of the file and display updates as they come in automatically without any further button pressing.

  • It is in v6.9.2.

  • There should be some kind of options to parameterize the monitoring (tail -f) option, since sometimes the log files are BIG and they are in remote machines, the update times are slow

    Maybe we could parameterize it so it only shows some amount of bytes/lines, so it is faster.

    Sorry for my poor english


  • @dail said:

    It is in v6.9.2
    Cool, but how does it work… … ?

    BTW Great job on Notepas++ :)

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