Shell custom context menu item doesn't work when default program is Notepad++

  • This looks like a defect in Notepad++ (v6.9.2).

    Windows 10 64-bit, using a custom shell menu item on .txt extension:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    @="c:\\cygwin\\bin\\tail.exe -f \"%1\""

    As soon as I install Notepad++ and select it as the default Open application for .txt files, my custom menu item disappears!

    This did not happen before, so it is either related to Windows 10 or to some recent change in Notepad++.

    NB: The Notepad++ shell extension is NOT installed.

  • @Rustam-Abdullaev

    afaik this has been changed in Win10.
    See here for more information on this topic.


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