Need Refresh Button in "Find results" window of Search. Also Clear Highlighted.

  • I use Find results window open and have it dragged on side. Then I make it big so that I can see where my certain Variables are used in the program. I can have few variable / words search with their various hits there. Notepad++ is great to expand or collapse them as required. BUT one problem when I edit the program and let’s say add some lines or delete some lines then all the Line numbers in that window are screw up. ALSO when we double click on any line in this window of “Find result - xx hits” to go to that line ---- Too Bad it goes to wrong place in the program. We have to literally redo all our search items.
    I can not also do " Clear Highlighted " one Search Hit section in Find results window. Neither I can select one tab. There is only option of select all.
    IT would be GREAT if we just have a small “Refresh” button in top bar of that window or right click popup "Refresh all " in that window option (second preference because sometimes people can not think of that but still good to have here too).

  • Sorry friends - I found that I can highlight any tab with Mouse and press Delete key to delete one. But still I have to find search the same word to update the window. So If I have 8 or 10 results in that window - it is lot of time waste for doing all. It is good to have Refresh button etc. etc.

  • As more and more I use Notepad++ for programing servo system using closest language settings of Visual Basic to highlight text indenting and formatting - I badly need Refresh Button in “Find results” window. Every time the program changes the results in the window throw out. This window is very handy to move across different variables and array names etc within the program by just clicking on the line I need with in this Find results window. I have about 8 important variables and arrays which I need to go to with in program and they are used at around 200 places - this window takes me quick there in program of over 4000 lines.
    I have not seen this feature in any other software - So I think this could be another + on Notepad +++.
    So some body please help finding a solution.

  • @Harpreet-Singh-Bassan

    sounds like the AnalysePlugin does what you try to achieve.


  • Claudia – Thanks Thanks Thanks --------- a lot. I have installed and checked the Plugin thoroughly. It is exactly what I needed. Changing colors for texts and having update automatic is fantastic. I wish this is a standard plugin pre-loaded or can be shown under Search Menu with ribbon button called “Enhanced Search” like this.
    Once again Thank you.

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