Want to copy language to User Defined and modify

  • I want to modify a language selection that exists under the language tab and save it as a user define language. Is there a way to do this?

  • @numnutz50

    copy the keywords into the udl dialog keyword fields.
    Define the comments, folding … - done.
    But don’t expect that udl and built-in language parser behave the same.


  • Copying the keywords one at a time is what I wanted to avoid. Oh well, looks like I have some work to do.


  • Claudia - Most of us are not as good volunteers like you to spend time to improve the world. Open source people are the best for computer world.
    Claudia - yes - I also need to copy and modify to suit Galil Servo programming. I see what you suggest - but still it will be nice to use “SaveAs” button and make a copy then modify that as @numnutz50 requested. Can you please add this also another feature for future. I tried to write one too but not much success so I use closest Visual Basic one. Also I did not find the help section very friendly - so even if there is better help with examples that might help little. Still I appreciate any further help on this topic too.

  • It seems I wasn’t clear enough.
    When using Settings->Style Configurator and selecting the language in question,
    one of the attributes under Style refers to the keywords of that language.
    Select it and you should see an additional box showing the keywords. Right click in this box,
    Select all->Copy and you can paste it into the UDL keyword box.

    what exactly do you wanna know about UDL?
    The website in question is http://ivan-radic.github.io/udl-documentation/introduction/.

    Btw. I’m an npp user - not a developer.


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