Start Menu item (etc) missing after non-Admin install

  • I just installed 6.9.2 with all defaults from the installer, onto Windows 7.

    It seemed to install just fine - with no warnings or problems.
    (As per the title - I don’t have Admin access to the PC right now)


    1. The Start Menu items aren’t right. There is a “Notepad++” folder but inside it just says “(empty)”
    2. The Explorer file-right-click integration isn’t in place.
    3. Notepad++ does not appear in the 'Add or Remove Programs" screen.

    I can run it just fine if I browse to the install location and double-click the .exe.

    I know most people installing will have Admin rights, but I expected it to still behave gracefully if not.

    Why should a text editor require Admin rights?

    Or is something weird going on? (My Windows PC is a fresh corporate SOE build - Nothing very special)

  • @Peter-Nann171

    MS decided that certain actions do require administrative privileges.
    Some of them can be worked around others not.


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