Not Responsive for seconds after Alt-Tab

  • I’ve been using NPP for years, and never had any significant issues. After an upgrade a couple days ago (v6.7.9.2), I started immediately seeing an issue that during normal use - Alt-Tabbing between NPP and other programs, typically - it will lock up for anywhere from 5-30 seconds. No response, it will gray out and give a typical Windows ‘Notepad++ is not Responding’ error message on the title tab. Then it comes back.

    Incredibly frustrating.

    Thought it might be a plugin problem, so I removed the spellcheck one that comes by default (figured that was the only one in place that would be active constantly), but that didn’t do anything. Other ones installed in the Plugin Manager are Converter, MIME Tools, NppExport, NppFTP, and PluginTools. I’m not tied into any of them.

    Anyone else see anything like this? My next step is probably to try and go back a version, but wanted to check in here first. Thanks!


  • Remove all plugins temporarily (not just one) and see if the problem persists. All plugins which have been loaded are potentially active.

    Are you looking at any files which are on a network drive?

    Do you have periodic backup on (Settings -> Preferences -> Backup)? Try turning it off.

    Try turning off settings on cloud as well (Settings -> Preferences -> Cloud).

  • Had a network drive file open - that may have been it. Thanks for the assist.

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