Kickstarter Campaign to Modernize NPP UI?

  • I have been thinking a lot lately how much NPP needs to be modernized in the UI department. Does anyone agree? Is there some sort of campaign (Kickstarter or otherwise) which we can crate to rally and organize for these needed updates? I think the campaign should start small, with the goal of UI improvement as a start. If it works we can try further campaigns… Or perhaps we should just setup a campaign for NPP3 with our dream features?

    @donho would this motivate you as the lead dev? Would you let someone else step in?

    My personal wish list for the UI:

    • Full HiDPI support
    • Fully customizable toolbar and toolbar icons
    • Dark Theme
    • Improved UDL system UI plus preview
    • Improved style configurator UI plus preview

  • Let’s start with concepts?

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