Short Sighted Administrators

  • I have seen in a lot of blogs it appears that the administrators are “Short Sighted”. 1) Locking Posts. 2) Closing Threads. 3) Stating a thread is too old.

    All of these things can still be relevant. Most of the time you have no means to communicate with the administrators. This seems to be the case here but maybe I’m just not familiar with the site. I do not see any place to send the admins a message. One post I found that is 9 months old, is still relevant. Nobody replied to it but I wanted to. Maybe the end user may no longer care but most of the time other people with the same problem still care. Related to the case I just mentioned, I too reported a similar error about 8 years ago when Windows 7 came out. I posted a message that if you set Notepad++ to run as administrator you get an error: Error in CreateProcess 87 Although it has been 8 years, this is still a problem. The only work around I found was to modify the registry and create my own “Right Click” menu item and delete the one created by the installer.

    I recently did some digging, several websites say this is a problem because the Class is too long. Hope this helps. I will post my code later but the backup portion of the code is giving an error message. I don’t want to post it because I don’t like when my scripts fail to backup the original code before rewriting them. It shouldn’t take me long to fix it since I found the problem already.

    Thank you,

    1. Locking Posts

    Although I can’t state for sure, I think this is automated that if a post hasn’t had any activity for a while it is automatically locked. At one time there was a really bad problem on this forum with spam accounts so some precautions were put in place. I’m cant say for sure if these are still applicable (maybe @milipili or @donho can decide if these are still relevant). I agree that even if some posts seem “old” they can still be relevant for discussion.

    1. Closing Threads
    2. Stating a thread is too old.

    I’m not sure I recall any of these happening. (If so it is incredibly infrequent). Care to point out some examples?

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