Problem with case insensitivity in file names.

  • I’m using an ftp connection to edit files on an HP Unix box.
    I created a file on the unix box with upper case letters in the file name (TestFILE.c).
    After editing for a while, I found out that the file name needed lower case letters (TestFile.c).
    I renamed the file on the unix box and refreshed the preview panel.
    When looking at the preview panel, only the lower case version of the file appeared.
    When I opened the file, the NppFTP - Output panel showed that the file with lower case letters was being opened.
    However when the file opened, the tab showed the upper case letter name.
    When I did a save, it saved to the upper case file name.
    The only way I was able to solve this problem was to locate the cache file and delete the upper case file name from it.

    The cache file needs to be case sensitive, especially when working with FTP file systems.

  • @Mark-Wilson

    so I guess you want to address it here, don’t you?
    Or did I misunderstood something?


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