Howto Question: Save and Archive via 7-zip with password

  • Hi,

    I am editing a lot of files where the saved file needs to be archived with a password. For example I edit thefile.xml. That file needs to be saved to disk at the location it was opened and it needs to be archived to thefile.7z with a password (it is the same password for all files). Is there a way to set this up - even as a new menu item for the 7-zip archive step?

  • Is this Notepad++ related?

  • @Charles-Kelsoe

    install NppExec and save something like this as the script to be executed.

    cd D:\PortableApps\PortableApps\7-ZipPortable\App\7-Zip64

    Of course you need to replace YOURPASSWORD and the .zip extension can also be a 7z extension.
    Changing the directory is only needed if 7z.exe can’t be find.
    7z.exe -? gives you additional informations about the parameters accepted.


  • @Claudia-Frank Thanks for this info. That was the part I was missing. I appreciate your understanding of the question and providing a very helpful solution.

    @Scott-Sumner240 - Thanks for your contribution to the conversation. Maybe you can learn from the very helpful response from Claudia as I did.

  • Point taken; apologies. Lately my brain shuts down before reading all the way through some posts–you wouldn’t believe how many are about things that don’t related to N++ at all, or that are about things that you really shouldn’t use N++ for.

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