Simple UI Improvement: Better color codes on tab icons

  • I can only speak for myself, but I always have multiple files open. Sometimes, my open-file tabs span into 3-4 rows, even on a full-screen. Here’s what I see:

    1. The active tab has a blue disk icon if it has been saved, and a red one if not saved.
    2. The inactive tabs all have a red-disk icon.

    To be fair, inactive tabs have a slight difference between the red-disk icon for saved vs unsaved files–but this is not really obvious. Also, if I am RDP’ed in remotely at 8-bit color depth, the difference becomes even less.

    Here’s the ask: I would love to see saved inactive tabs have a gray icon. The unsaved ones can stay with their current red one. This would really help me determine at a glance which files I need to save right now. If there is already way to customize icon color right now, please kindly point out how to do this.

    Along similar lines, having an auto-save feature would be really great (I can’t seem to find this… perhaps I’m missing something obvious). I don’t want to overwrite files by default, but maybe create a secondary file with recovery info for Notepad++ only. Many of my sessions are remote-access, and sometimes there are power losses, etc, so the sessions may disappear without being saved (not because I don’t want to save, it’s just not always obvious what needs to be saved right now… see above).



    PS: Love the app in general!

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