Feature request: Filter in dialog "Windows"

  • Hello,

    I would like to suggest the following feature for Notepad++:

    I am working sometimes with a lot (30+) files open in Notepad++.
    The “Windows” dialog you get with menu “Window > Windows …”
    is already helpful but often enough it is still hard to find the tab
    with the document I want to jump in.
    I find myself then jumping to Windows explorer (or grepwin)
    searching there and then right click opening the file again,
    even if I have it already active in Notepad++.

    A simple text search facility for the table in the “Windows” dialog
    would be helpful here.

    • open dialog “Windows”
    • type in the filter field
    • only those tabs are shown, where the name contains the entered text as a substring.

    It would be great if this idea would make it into notepad++.

    Best regards

    I cannot give enough thanks to Don and everybody who contributes and contributed to this fantastic piece of software.
    I use it nearly every day and I owe you really a lot of thanks.

  • @Kai-Von-Thadden

    not sure if you already know this but you can click on the column headers to get them sorted so
    it might be that this is an workaround you can already use?


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