Feature request: Option for a tab to ignore "Save-All" similar to "Read-Only"

  • Over the many years of programming, I’ve developed the subconscious habit of hitting “Ctrl+Shift+S” after every other line or so when typing in documents of any kind(My poor poor storage media…). Could we possibly add an “Ignore Save-All” flag to the tab’s context menu next to the “Read Only” context item?

    A lot of times I use NP++ for quick notes or “whiteboarding” a quick idea while also using it for documentation or code changes outside of my primary IDE and those don’t really need to be saved at all. When my brain’s Save-All subroutine executes, its annoying to have the file save location dialog popup for one of my “scribblings” tabs.

    Hopefully it’s as simple as adding a boolean property to the ‘Documents’(?) class and the Save-All function simply does a boolean check when enumerating all the 'Document’s in its list and invoking their Save() function. I hate to request a burdensome feature for a solely convenience based desire…