Overzealous reload prompt

  • Somewhere over the past year, NotePad++ often pops a “Reload” window prompting “This file has been modified by another program. Do you want to reload it?” when I save the current file. The file always contains what I intended to save, so it seems whatever is triggering the prompt is overzealous and not realizing the current NotePad++ session is who performed the modification.

    I finally realized the common denominator is that it happens whenever I’m editing a file on a remote shared drive. If I edit a file locally, the symptom does not present. I’m running the current 6.9.2, but the behavior is not new to this level… it’s been doing this for some time.

    I wonder if it’s not triggered by a time stamp offset or something. Any ideas how to work around?

  • @Tony-Reyelts

    you get the message because you have set
    Settings->Preferences->MISC->File Status Auto Detection to enabled.
    Was this intended?
    If so, could you explain in more detail what you do, like how you access the file
    using UNC or mappings etc…


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