Feature request: Ignore the "-Embedding" program line argument, if given

  • Hello donho,
    some time ago I created the ActiveX plugin for Notepad++. You can control Notepad++ via COM using that.

    If Notepad++ isn’t running, COM will start it automatically. Unfortunately COM appends always an “-Embedding” to the command line.
    So Notepad++ will be started like:
    “C:\Program Files(x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe” -Embedding
    This causes Notepad++ trying to open a non-existing file called “-Embedding” at program start, which is very nasty and prevents the ActiveX plugin to do its further stuff.

    My feature request is, if you please could ignore the “-Embedding” program line argument, if specified.
    I forgot this topic somehow but someone has created a ticket now for my plugin and that topic:

    Kind Regards
    David Gausmann

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