Is toolbar auto-update from Sourceforge legitimate?

  • Hello Notepad++ Community!

    Question: Is there a recent update entitled something like “Customization Toolbar” for Notepad++?

    A little while ago, when I opened Notepad++, a popup appeared that said an update was available. The update was entitled something like “Customize Toolbar.”

    I clicked the button to approve the update. The update downloaded from Sourceforge dot net. After the download was complete a Notepad++ popup appeared and said something like the update was “not recommended.”

    I cancelled the installation.

    In the past year or so I have heard some very unflattering things about Sourceforge dot net. In years gone by as far as I know that website was reliable.

    I was a little bit alarmed when I saw the update was downloading from Sourceforge dot net.

    Thank you in advance.

  • @Pete-Norris

    many plugins registered within plugin manager are hosted on sourceforge.
    So I would say, yes, it is legitimate. Does this mean it can be 100% trusted, well,
    this is something everyone needs to decide for oneself.
    One or more dll’s will be downloaded and in theory author of this dll can do harmful things.
    I assume the “not recommended” message you saw was related to the fact that plugin manager wasn’t up-to-date at this time.
    From what I understand, a dll author will provide some kind of checksum of the plugin to plugin manager and if this
    is equal to the one plugin manager calculates then the plugin is considered safe, if not, you will see that popup message
    but it could just mean that plugin manager isn’t aware of an update.


  • Claudia;

    Thanks for the info. :)

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