Bug: TCL Syntax Highlighting - Double Quote in Array Variable Reference

  • Got an annoying TCL syntax highlighter bug:

    <img src=“http://jjmmjmmm.com/tmp/tcl-sh-bug.PNG” />

    Notice the double quote is being mis-interpreted when it follows a left-paren in an array variable reference.

    Using Notepad++ v6.9.2 on Windows 7

    Here is the raw TCL source for anyone wanting to cut and paste it into their Notepad++

    set rc [ SSD_Buster::safe_sread $ESB_DUMP_AREA_ADDR [ expr $glRegs("DUMP_SIZE_VALUE") * 2 ] ]
    if { $rc != "" } {
    	return "[ lindex [ info level 0 ] 0 ]- Failure in safe_sread {$ESB_DUMP_AREA_ADDR}! rc={$rc}"
    # "
    set test("asdf") 1
    puts $test("asdf")

  • @James-Benson

    seems to be a problem of the lexer which comes as part of scintilla component.
    Should be addressed here.
    But verify first if it hasn’t been already reported.


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