[vi simulator] how to highlight a word

  • another set indicator jumps in.

    Probably the xml tag highlighting.

  • @dail

    correct, if we disable smart and matching tags highlighting then it works as expected
    but this, at least for me, isn’t desirable.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    but this, at least for me, isn’t desirable

    Oh I totally agree, it was just to prove it was caused by N++ :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • run this with the “if” block on screen
    and again with the “if” block off screen

    same result on “normal text” file

    the “if” block has to be added

    gets flagged as spam if i include it

    from timeit import default_timer as timer
    indicator = 12  # not sure what one is best to use but this works
    editor.indicSetStyle       (indicator, INDICATORSTYLE.ROUNDBOX)
    editor.indicSetAlpha       (indicator,  55)
    editor.indicSetOutlineAlpha(indicator, 255)
    first =  726
    last  = 2260 
    start = timer()
    for s in range( first, last, 3):
        editor.indicatorFillRange(s, 2)
    end = timer()
    console.write("4:\t%f\n" % (end - start))
    start = timer()
    for s in range( first, last, 3):
        editor.indicatorClearRange(s, 2)
    end = timer()
    console.write("5:\t%f\n" % (end - start))

  • forgot to mention …

    open python console

    turning off brace matching and smart highlighting makes no difference

    npp 7.3.1 32 bit windows7 64bit

  • addendum:

    moving the mouse during the script execution causes misses in highlighting

  • @Js-jS

    for me it is hard to see to whom you want to address to.
    May I ask you to add the name of the recipients to your post?
    Concerning the post, I’m not quite sure what you try to impart.
    Are you surprised about time differences?


  • @Js-jS

    I, too, am confused about what you are trying to demonstrate here. I’m more inclined to try code out if there is also a clear description about what it is doing that is odd or interesting. After reading such a description, I can decide if I want to try the code out or not (if there is something about it that is interesting to me…). Anyway, we kind of beat to death the “highlighting IFs” situation a couple of months ago…not sure what new there is to take away from it.

  • i was just adding my findings, in case anyone was still looking at this issue

    my knowledge is fairy limited, so i have not arrived to any real conclusion about the reason for the result

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