Splitting or Breaking one file into multiple smaller ones

  • I need to split my notepad++ file of around 30,000 records into multiple smaller size files. Is there a way to do that in Notepad++? Please help me out with this.

  • @Nithin-Gopal-Doddamane

    Not really an editor task. If you know a scripting language like AWK, PERL, Python, etc. you should use it.

    If you want N lines in each small file you can:

    <Ctrl>+G then enter the number N+1
    <Ctrl>+X to cut the first N lines from the big file
    <Ctrl>+N to open a new file
    <Ctrl>+V to paste the cut lines into the new file
    Then save the new file.
    <Ctrl>+<Tab> to switch back to the “big” file.
    Repeat until done.

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