Suggestion: Add the option to show the differences between the loaded file and the saved file

  • I don’t use the Compare plugin (I use Scooter Software’s Beyond Compare for file compares), but it seems like a Pythonscript could initiate a compare the current (unsaved) version of the file with the most recent “backup” version of the file (assumes the backup feature of N++ is turned on). A lot of supposition here, but…

  • Change markers, from the “Location Navigate” plugin, are a great feature, but I think the OP wants more functionality out of this than just knowing if there was a change on a line or not (he wants to see what the change was…I think).

  • Hello all,

    I hope I understand the OP’s request correctly.
    Compare Plugin provides a “Diff since last Save” comparison.

    Pavel Nedev’s development version repo.
    Download the latest built DLL here (thanks xylographe).

    @Scott Summer,
    When did you last try the Compare Plugin? - You’d be surprised. :)

    Best regards.

  • i.e. needs clarification by OP (@jcrmatos).

  • @Yaron

    I’ve NEVER tried the Compare plug-in…always very happy with Beyond Compare…but I think I just might give it a look now. ;-)

    It is good to know that the plug-in can do what we think the OP wants to accomplish.

  • @Scott Summer,

    To fully appreciate Pavel Nedev’s work you should try an older version first. :)
    I hope you like it.


  • Hello,

    I didn’t know about the Compare plugin.
    It does what I needed (see the diffs from last save).


    Best regards,


  • @jcrmatos,

    I’m glad you find it useful.


  • Hello Yaron,

    Thanks for keeping the people here informed about the Compare plugin and its current status. I appreciate it.
    I hope I’ll be able to officially release the new version soon so your initial idea about having fully functional CP through the Plugin Manager will finally come to life.

    Thanks again for your help.


  • Hello Pavel,

    Thank you for your remarkable work.
    I’m sure that when you release Compare Plugin v2 many NPP users would be as appreciative and grateful as I am.

    Best regards.

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