Form Feed Handling Bugs

  • I use the Windows version of Notepad++ (currently 6.9.2) and I’ve encountered a couple bugs with handling form feed characters.

    1. In the Replace dialog, with Extended search Mode selected, it will FIND a form feed using a \f, but when a \f is used in the REPLACE WITH field, the string “\f” is put in the document. All of the documentation I’ve been able to find appears to say that the \f should work like \r, \n, \t, etc. but those insert the escape character they represent instead of the literal string.

    2. Since Notepad++ is already detecting, syntax coloring and replacing the form feed character with a special graphic symbol, I cannot understand why the developers refuse to give us an option to have the FF graphic replaced with EndPage()/StartPage() when printing (and perhaps an alternate representation on screen for those that would like such a thing). Please, PLEASE, PLEASE give us this option!

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