Replace "In selection" behaviour

  • Hi all,

    I use a lot the “In selection” check box when replacing.

    However, I can´t understand the rationale behind its behaviour:

    • If no text is selected, the check box unmarks itself, greys out and the replace is done on the whole document.

    I am working with dozens of docs, marking blocks of text and acting on them. However, if for whatever reason, I forget to mark a block in one of the files, the “Replace” will act on the whole document without any warning.

    I guess that it would make more sense to make the “In selection” check box always active and issue a warning if a replacement is attempted with the “In selection” checked and no selected text.
    Maybe something like: “Attempt to replace ‘In selection’ with no selected text. Do you want to replace on whole document?”

    Or maybe there’s some kind of “hidden advantage” to the current behaviour that I’m not understanding?


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